Salute is an essay-documentary film created alongside a gallery installation at The California Institute of the Arts. The film analyzes the structure of Dressage, a discipline of horseback riding that is rooted in warfare, captured throughout art history, and now declared an elitist luxury. Although I have been riding for twenty-one years, this film documents the experience of riding through my first year at Grand Prix, the highest level in Dressage.

Salute not only captures the struggle of a new athletic partnership, but focuses on the daily repetition of actions, discipline, control, and the facade of tradition. With almost no dialogue, the viewer is left alone with the actions; creating both anxiety and mesmerism. There is an endurance quality to the pace of the film, which emphasizes the labor of both the sport and care-taking. It is ultimately a film about a passion and dedication that has very little practical benefits but is an inseparable part of our identity, and generates a delusional love which cannot be explained.

Salute, 2015, 94 Minutes

Lindsey Schulz starred, filmed, edited and produced Salute from 2014 to 2015. Schulz received her MFA in 2015 from California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles and her BFA in 2011 from Otis College of Art and Design. She has been riding horses for twenty-one years, and just received her Gold Medal this year. Her work focuses on documenting personal and cultural histories, focusing on the unreliability of memory and social curiosities. She currently lives, works (and rides) in Los Angeles.